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Stand Innovations' stands are suitable for many usages and applications. This list presents some of these utilities.

  1. Flat surfaces - desk, table, counter, bedside, on the bed, home, office
  2. Vertical surfaces - wall, mirror, glass, cabinet
  3. Vertical surfacesmultiple degrees (reclinement) - upward, downward, angled to the left or to the right
  4. Portrait & landscape orientations - varies from stand to stand
  5. In the car - on the dashboard, on a vertical panel, on the door frame
  6. Enclosed & transparent - for usage with dirty hands (in the kitchen, auto repair shop, factory, etc.)
  7. Enclosed,  transparent & water resistant - for use in the shower, in the rain, in wet surroundings, for jogging (touch screen is fully functional)
  8. Enclosed, transparent & water resistant - for the beach - water and sand resistant (touch screen is fully functional)
  9. Enclosed & transparent - for hygiene conscience Subscribers (in hospitals, when sick, etc.) 
  10. Uneven surface like a bed
  11. Multiple degrees of screen viewing - from flat to 90 degrees upright
  12. A Carrying case - attached to pants, to the wrist, to the arm, good for jogging and for hiking
  13. Picture holder - when device is not on
  14. Foldable - can fit in a pocket or wallet
  15. Multiple designs - some with sculptural features you will like even as a decorative piece
  16. Easily replaceable decoration - inserts for transparent stands
  17. Pen & pencil holder - on vertical and flat surfaces
  18. Customized size - from small to large cell phones, to readers and tablets

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