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  Stand Innovations Other Stands
Make Many Stands Stand Innovations teaches you how to make the stands so that you will be able to make as many as you want and need Other stands are sold one at a time.
Easy to Carry Stand Innovations' stands are very light and the vast majority are foldable to a 2D shape that is easy to carry. Moreover, since the price is low and since the knowledge to create the stands is provided, subscribers can make as many stands as desired. Mobile electronics are used every place we go. It may not be practical to carry other stands with us throughout our daily routines.
Multiple Usages
& Applications
Stand Innovations' stands cover a wide range of applications. Each set of  tutorial clips for a given stand is $1.00. Other stands are designed for one or two specific applications.
Vertical Surface Stand Innovations' stands are so lightweight, they can be mounted on any surface with Velcro or double stick tape. They may remain where placed and other stands may be used when the Subscriber travels to a different location in or out of the house. If the stand is removed from the vertical surface, another light, decorative 2D or 3D origami model can cover the Velcro and decorate the wall. No stand can be easily placed on a vertical surface like a wall  or mirror. Although some stands  use suction cups for vertical mounting, they may not fit all vertical surfaces.
Multiple Designs,
Sizes & Decorations
Stand Innovations' stands vary in terms of  design, size and decoration. Moreover, insert  decorations for clear Mylar stands can be replaced by Subscribers at will and at ease. The shape, material and size may give these stands a nice look or appearance, but they are permanent.
Low Cost Price is $1 per stand and Subscribers can make as many as desired. The raw material,  paper, Mylar and other types of foldable material, can be mailed at the postage rate of an envelope. Price for one stand is often high and shipping can be expensive.
Get Stands For Free
or For Less
There are several programs that allow Subscribers to benefit financially from the stands and even get them for free. Customers cannot profit financially from the stands.
Acquire a New Skill Stand Innovations provides you with  know how and a skill that can be used and utilized beyond the stand making - making other origami models. Furthermore, it facilitates a non-internet/computer activity that children can do by themselves or as quality time with their caregivers. Customers do not get additional added value from the stands other than their primary function.

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