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DIY has been a part of our lives for many years. Many companies, these days, offer their merchandise in a box for a lower price. It is up to us, the customers, to assemble these products with the aid of assembly manuals. Stand Innovations utilizes the principles of the DIY as well. The comparison table below illustrates how different our approach is from that of the rest of the market.

  Stand Innovations Models Others
Tools No tools necessary Some tools are usually necessary to assemble
Cost Very low cost Cost is usually a factor
Delivery Paper is usually available in most homes. Special paper & artwork can be mailed at a very inexpensive postal rate Items are usually heavy & delivery is costly
Instructions Folding instructions are provided via multiple video clips Assembly instructions are usually via manuals
Customize Stands can be customized to fit your electronic device's size & usage Size is usually set by the manufacturer
Quantity As many as you want for one low price Price is per item
Color & artwork Can be altered & changed from time to time Color & design is set per a given item

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