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The Fund Raising Program that we provide is a win, win, win, situation. The community, subscribers and Stand Innovations, all benefit. The Fund Raising Program relies on Referral Marketing so we call it the Referral Program.

How does it work?
There are two ways that nonprofit organizations (NPO) can raise funds via the Stand Innovations Referral Program

Can you explain Fund Raising Program #2? (The first one is explained in Fund Raising Program #1)
nonprofit organization's affiliated members volunteer their time to make/fold mobile stands. The stands are sold to the public at various events, and the nonprofit organization keeps the profit. When referral fees are generated as per the Referral Program, the nonprofit organization keeps these as well.

How does the Fund Raising Program work?
nonprofit organization determines that the mobile stands will sell well in the community and purchases paper from Stand Innovations. The paper may be transparent, waterproof and tear-proof, Tyvek, etc. The nonprofit organization selects the design and decoration for the paper, and may choose to customize it as well.

How much does the paper cost?
The basic cost of one piece of paper to create one stand is $1. There may be an additional surcharge for specialty papers and designs.

Can you breakdown the price per type of paper and the price for the decoration?
Prices for the various paper types, decorations and other supporting items are available under Add Ons located on the navigational menu on the top of each page. 

What should our organization charge for the stand?
The price per stand should range from $7 to $10 and is dependent on the design, degree of difficulty to fold, and type of paper used. 

What about the referral fee?
Every stand purchaser is provided with tutorial clips for the stand that was purchased so that duplicates of the same stand can be created. To logon to Stand Innovations, the 
nonprofit organization provides the purchaser with a ReferralName.  Once logged on to view tutorial clips of the designated stand, the purchaser may decide to subscribe to Stand Innovations and learn how to make different stands. The purchaser may refer friends and family to the program. The nonprofit organization is a passive recipient of the referral fees. Please review Fund Raising Program #1 and the Referral Program for more information about referral fees.

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