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There may be people who prefer to refer their friends and family to Stand Innovations and subscribe at a later date, or not at all.

Why wouldn't I subscribe?
Perhaps you do not want to create your own mobile stands with the aid of tutorial clips either because you don't like the idea or you do not have the time.

So why should I refer anyone to Stand Innovations?
It is still a great idea for you to refer friends and family to Stand Innovations because if they like our concept and product line and become subscribers, you are entitled to referral fees per the Referral Program. You will be able to use the resulting Dollar Credit Points as possible gifts, and if at some point in the future, you decide to try our tutorials, you can determine if it is time to subscribe with Stand Innovations.

Is there another reason to refer to Stand Innovations?
If it is not in your budget now to subscribe to Stand Innovations, you can accumulate Dollar Credit Points and use them toward the cost of a subscription.

Is there another reason to refer to Stand Innovations?
You like our concept and our products, but the timing is not right for you now. You prefer to refer your friends and family to Stand Innovations, and if they subscribe and refer others to us who become paid subscribers, you accumulate Dollar Credit Points. When the timing is better, your Dollar Credit Points will be waiting.

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