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The Gift Purchase Program enables one to purchase multiple tutorial clips of a single stand.

Is the Gift Purchase Program available to all?
Yes, subscribers and those that have registered with Stand Innovations can take advantage of this program.

What does the Gift Purchase Program include?
This program includes tutorial clips for a single stand.

Who can benefit from this program?
You can benefit from the Gift Purchase Program if you are looking for a creative, cost efficient party favor or want to give the same gift to many different people without spending a lot of money.

How does it work?

When you make a gift purchase, you receive a ReferralName that you customize. For example, if you decide to give the mobile stand as a party favor, you could use the ReferralName, "JohnPartyFavor". The ReferralName establishes a link between you and each of your referrals to Stand Innovations per the Referral Program. Each set of tutorial clips for a stand is given a Referralname that is linked to you. It can be JohnPartyFavor. When the recipient of your party favor logs on to the Stand Innovations website for the first time to view the tutorial clips of the stand, he or she is required to enter a ReferralName. When the ReferralName "JohnPartyFavor" is entered, a connection between you and this party favor recipient is created. If the gift recipient decides to subscribe to Stand Innovations, you are entitled to receive a Referral Fee. Please review the Referral Program for further details.

How long does the gift recipient receive access to the tutorial clips of the stand?

The party favor recipients will be able to view the tutorial clips of the single stand for two months from the date they first log on.

How much does it cost to give the gift of a mobile stand?
The cost per single access to the tutorial clips of a single stand is $1.

Is there a minimum purchase required to participate in the Gift Purchase Program?
Yes. The minimum number of gifts that must be purchased at one time is five which will cost $5.

How will I know if, when and how much I have accumulated in referral fees?
Our sophisticated program will track your referrals and the fees generated from them. You may also logon to and review the information as well. 

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