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The Fund Raising Program that we provide is a win, win, win, situation. The community, Subscribers and Stand Innovations, all benefit. The Fund Raising Program relies on Referral Marketing so we call it the Referral Program.

How does it work?
There are two ways that nonprofit organizations (NPO) can raise funds via the Stand Innovations Referral Program

What is the first one? (The second one is explained in Fund Raising Program #2)
nonprofit organization's affiliated members may refer their friends and family to the Stand Innovations website. If these referrals like the services and products that Stand Innovations provides, and they become paid Subscribers, the nonprofit organization receives referral fees.

How does the Fund Raising Program work?
When a 
nonprofit organization registers for the Fund Raising Program, it receives a ReferralName. This referralName is provided to its affiliated members.  The nonprofit organization's affiliates logon to and register with the website.  When doing so, affiliates select their own ReferralName.  If they choose the nonprofit organization's ReferralName as the beginning of their own ReferralName, all the referral fees will be allocated to the nonprofit organization. The nonprofit organization's affiliates may give their ReferralName to whomever they refer to Stand Innovations. When these referrals logon to the Stand Innovations website, they need to provide a ReferralName. By entering the ReferralName of any of these affiliates, a link between them, the nonprofit organization and its affiliates is established so that the referral fee will be properly allocated to the nonprofit organization. Please read the Referral Program for more details.

What are the referral fees?
A subscription costs $12. 25% is given away and distributed in the following manner: $2 is directed to referral fees and $1 is applied to social and community causes. The $2 is further split: $1 goes to the person (person B), who directly referred the Subscriber (person C) and $1 goes to the person (person A) who referred person B.

Can you provide an example?
Yes, Allied Health and Magnet High Schools of Union County initiate a Fund Raising Program for Relay for Life. Registration with Stand Innovations is free. The schools personalize their ReferralName to AlliedMagnetRelay2012.  The fund raising organizers personalize their ReferralName by taking the beginning AlliedMagnetRelay2012 and then personalizing the end to AlliedMagnetRelay2012_001 or AlliedMagnetRelay_JohnK or AlliedMagnetRelay2012Jack, etc.   

Do fund raising participants need to subscribe to the Stand Innovations Program?
No, subscribing to Stand Innovations is optional. Our program benefits people who like the mobile stands, appreciate the utility they provide and are willing to learn how to make them via the tutorial clips. The ReferralName is provided to them to facilitate the fund raising program and help refer others Subscribe. If a referral becomes a paid subscriber, $3 from their subscription, or 25%, is applied to the fund raising program ($2 for absentee referrals since they started out, and $1 for social and community causes).

What happens next?
The fund raising organizers begin telling students, faculty and friends and family about the Relay for Life fund raising program via Stand Innovations and invite them to view the website and learn about the products, Subscription Program and Referral Program. Each new person that is referred to Stand Innovations via the ReferralName is entitled to his or her own ReferralName.

What ReferralName does a new subscriber get?
This is very important. People who are referred to this site may decide whether they want the referral fees to be allocated to the Fund Raising Program or to themselves. If they choose to have the referral fees allocated to the Fund Raising Program, they choose a ReferralName that begins with the name of the cause and then personalize the end of it. If they choose to receive the referral fees for themselves, they choose their own ReferralName, one that does not include the cause. 

This is when the NPO affiliates may have an impact.
In the example of the Relay for Life fund raising program, the affiliates, or program organizers, may convince fellow students, faculty, friends and family to choose a ReferralName that begins with AlliedMagnetRelay2012. Every paid subscription that is referred via such ReferralName, will receive the referral fees. And, the $1 for community causes will go toward the Relay for Life fund raising program.

Is there a limit?
No, there is not. It all depends on the commitment and the diligence of the NPO affiliates.

Who will keep track of the referral fees?
Stand Innovations will keep track of the referral fees. We will let you know how much money was raised per each ReferralName.

Do you provide any marketing materials that we will share with others?
Yes, in the Promotional Materials you will find printable information about us in business card and in handout sizes. Additionally, there are email templates so that it will be easier for you to share with your friends and family.

Is there anything else we need to know?
Yes, when referring friends, family or new acquaintances to our website, please remember that indirectly you represent Stand Innovations. Therefore, we urge to apply PIR 101 guidelines.

What is PIR 101?
PIR is an acronym for Patience, Imposition and Respect. It means that you (DO) need to be patient with people whom you try to refer. Do not impose yourself excessively and (DO) be respectful. Be patient is a DO message. Imposition is a DO NOT DO message and Respect is a DO message. Converting DO to 1 and NOT DO to zero, we get 101. Therefore the 101 rule for proper conduct is PIR - Be Patient, Do not Impose, Be Respectful.

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