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Special Events is a program that enables multiple sets of tutorial clips of a single stand to be provided for use at an occasion.

What is a Special Event?
Stand Innovations defines a Special Event as an occasion such as a birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, or any other celebration. At this event, you can create multiple designs of mobile stands, or any other origami model, that we provide.

Do I need to be a Subscriber in order to take advantage of the Special Events program?
No, the Special Events program is open to all. We hope the Special Events program will encourage you to enroll in our subscription program. And, the money surplus from the Special Events Program may help pay for your Stand Innovations subscription.

What do you mean by money surplus?
After you hold a Special Event, the participants may decide to subscribe to Stand Innovations, and you will earn a referral fee from each paid subscriber. Once you understand how the Special Events program operates, the money surplus will be better explained.

How does the Special Events program operate?
Select a stand design that you like. Select the decoration or the print to appear on the stand (optional). Have the print customized and personalized (optional). You may consider ordering a few extra printouts in the event some are damaged by improper folding. Determine how many tutorial sets you need. ReferralName is provided.

What is a ReferralName?
This is a phrase, name, or word that is provided to every participant at your event so that they can logon to the Stand Innovations website after the event and view the tutorial clips of the stand or another model for one month. The ReferralName is customized by you. For example, if the event is for David's 11th birthday, you may elect David11Birthday as the ReferralName.

In addition to it being a fun activity, are there other benefits to the Special Events program?
Yes, here are some additional benefits to the Special Events program: 1) It is an activity where you learn a new skill or craft - origami. 2) At the end of the activity, participants have a handmade product that they can use every day. 3) Since participants learn how to make the stand, they will be able to create duplicates. 4) The craft is very affordable. 5) Please read Benefits for more reasons why Special Events is a great program for you.

How much does it cost?
The cost is $1 per party participant; $1 per decorated print (optional) or $2.50 per customized and personalized print (optional) with a minimum of 15 prints.

If I select the print or have it customized, how do I get it?
You may print to your printer or Stand Innovations can print the job and ship it to you with additional shipping and handling.

Can you give an example of how the Special Event works?
Sure. David is having a birthday party, and he would like to have a special theme party - making paper mobile stands for himself and for six of his friends, and for his sister. With the help of his mom, David selects a design for the paper for the mobile stand. David and his mom either print the eight designed pages at home (for David, six friends and his sister), or Stand Innovations mails the printed, designed papers to Davis's home.

How will David and his friends know how to fold the stand?
There are three ways that David and his friends will learn to fold the paper to create a mobile stand. 1) In advance of the party, David, or a designated adult, can logon to with the chosen ReferralName, "David11Birthday" and learn how to fold the stand. During the party, whoever learned how to fold the stand instructs the children, perhaps with the aid of the tutorial clips. 2) You may connect the computer to a digital TV and everyone can learn how to fold the stand together directly from the TV. 3) If one of our Authorized Folders resides in your area, you may hire the Authorized Folder to aid with the party for an additional fee.

Can David, his friends…and his sister view the tutorial clips after the party is over?
Yes, Special Event participants may view the tutorial clips for one month after the conclusion of the event. Each participant can register with via the Refferral Name David11Birthday.

What paper do they use in their homes in order to fold additional stands?
Regular paper can be used at home to fold additional stands, or decorative paper can be purchased from a store or from

What stands should I choose for the Special Event?
We suggest you choose a 
relatively simple-to-fold stand so that all participants will have a fun, positive experience and create a stand at the event. 

Does Stand Innovations provide additional support with the tutorial clips?
Yes, we provide showcase and auxiliary clips which provide additional dimensions of support and help.

Will David's friends be able to view tutorial clips of additional stands?
Yes, when the event participants decide to subscribe to Stand Innovations via the Subscription Programtutorial clips of additional stands may be viewed. When an event participant becomes a paid Stand Innovations subscriber, David's family will benefit by receiving a portion of their subscription cost.

How does it work?
Please see details of the Referral Program. This is where the money surplus (from the second item above) becomes a possibility.

Do I need to be a Subscriber to participate in the Special Event Program?
You can participate in the Special Events program if you are not a Stand Innovations subscriber. Nevertheless, the referral fees that may result from Special Event participants are accumulated on your behalf.  When you logon to with your Username, you can determine the amount of referral fees, if any, have accumulated in your account.

Are there other ways to utilize the Special Events Program?
Yes, finished stands and the one month access to tutorial clips of the stand can also be used as a party favor for a nominal fee. The cost can be even less with the Referral Program.  Please check the Gift Purchase Program for details

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