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The lifeline to a commercial enterprise is its customers. After all, the customer sustains the business. Commercial enterprises are constantly seeking creative avenues to reach their target markets. Conventional advertising does offer the opportunity to promote a business and gain access to potential customers, but these methods require time, planning and a lot of money. Stand Innovations offers a promotional program that is unique, simple, effective and inexpensive up to a point that it may even be free.

What is the Promotional program?
Simply put, your prospects create a stand for their electronic device that features your logo and design.

Can you expand on this concept?
You select one of our stands to promote your business. We customize the paper with graphics to show your logo and your style. You give the designed paper to your prospects and provide them with a "ReferralName". Your prospects logon to with this ReferralName. They access a free tutorial clip, or clips, that explains how to fold the paper and create a stand for their mobile device. Prior to accessing the tutorial clips, they may view a 15 second promotional clip about your business that you will create. As your prospects use the stand for their mobile device, they are constantly reminded about the service that you offer. 

How will I provide my prospects with a ReferralName?
The ReferralName is printed on the promotional paper that becomes the folded stand.  It is located on the paper for easy reference but does not compromise the design.  The prospect keeps your marketing material nearby for as long as he or she would like to access the tutorial clips of the stand.

How much does it cost?
There are two sets of costs: a fixed cost and a variable cost.

The fixed cost is for creating the design on the paper with your personal information i.e., name, logo, number of colors, etc. It can be very simple or rather complex. The cost may vary from $50 to $100.

The printing cost will vary depending on the quantity of prints you order.  A 250 print order is $125, or .50 per page.

What about the variable cost?
For every one of your prospects that logs on with the ReferralName, you pay Stand Innovations one dollar.

My prospects may give the ReferralName away
If your prospects share the ReferralName, more people will be exposed to your project and view your promotional clip.

There is one more important point
If your prospects like our program and want to subscribe to Stand Innovations, they will need a ReferralName.   When they subscribe, you receive a referral fee.

How can I benefit from the referral fee?
The referral fee allows you to reduce the cost of this marketing campaign, reduce it zero, or perhaps make a profit.

Sounds good. I am all ears
When your prospects become paid Subscribers via the ReferralName, you receive a $1 referral fee per the Referral Program. For every person that prospect-turned-subscriber refers to us, who also becomes a paid Subscriber, you receive $1 as well.

Is there a limit to how much I can make?
There is no limit to the amount of money you can make. It all depends on how many of your prospects become our paid Subscribers and how many of these Subscribers refer their friends and family to us.

Who will keep track of how many of my prospects become paid subscribers?
Our sophisticated software program will track subscribers and referrals. You can logon to and determine how many of your prospects became paid subscribers, how much money has accumulated in your account as a result, and more.  We refund through your PayPal account or mail you a check.

There is one thing you may consider
Our marketing Campaign allows you to both gain customers and minimize expenses. If you divert the Referral Program revenues into social and charitable causes, your community may be very appreciative and it may entice them to reciprocate and acquire your services.

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