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Stand Innovations provides proprietary stand designs for all kinds of mobile electronics at a very low price via the Do-It-Yourself approach.

A key element of our service is choice. We provide you with a variety of ways to customize your selection of stands and make them unique for your needs and preferences

  1. Design & Applications
    A large selection of stand designs that are suitable for different needs, applications and usages (i.e. hangs on vertical surfaces, landscape or portrait(PortLand), stands on flat surfaces, for the car, enclosed (transparent), for multiple units, waterproof, tilted downward(I_UnderStand), and more).
  2. Material
    Different kinds of paper and paper like material that is transparent or waterproof and tear proof.
  3. Artwork
    A wide selection of artwork and printed designs. You may also customize and personalize your stands.
  4. Size
    Stands can be made to fit any size of mobile units that you have. We will provide you with the paper dimension to fit your electronic devices.
  5. Price
    A price for an annual subscription or a price per a stand made(folded) for you.
  6. Fold it or we fold it
    You may fold a stand based on our tutorial clips or we fold it for you for an additional labor (folding time) fee.
  7. Tutorial clips
    The tutorial clips are designed and suitable for beginners intermediate and experts.
  8. Varied difficulty of folding
    The stands are varied by the degree of difficulty of construction. You may begin with simple to fold/create stands and continue with more challenging ones at your pace.
  9. Number of units
    You have the choice to make one or many duplicates of each stand, all for the same low price.
  10. Preview
    You will have the choice to preview any of our stands in its making and in its completion prior to deciding whether to subscribe to it.
  11. Review other services
    You will be able to review and evaluate other services that we provide using paper or paper like material. As a Stand Innovations' Subscriber you will be entitled for a discount.

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