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Stand Innovations has chosen to expand via grassroots marketing or word of mouth. We would rather pay our Subscribers for 'spilling the beans'  to share our story with their friends and family. A similar program is extended to commercial outfits and for individuals.

How does it work?
The Authorized Distributors program is very similar to the Referral Program with three exceptions.

What is the first exception?
In the Authorized Distributor program, participants are actively soliciting referrals for Stand Innovations.

What is the second exception?
The referral fee is two dollars instead of one.

What is the third exception?
There are no Dollar Credit Points. The entire referral fee earned is paid to the Authorized Distributor.

Can you give an example?
Yes. An Authorized Distributor who owns a retail store referred his or her customer to Stand Innovations. Once this referral becomes a paid subscriber, the Authorized Distributor earns $2. The new Subscriber may refer his or her friends and family to Stand Innovations as per the Referral Program.  Every new referral that the new subscriber refers to Stand Innovations entitles him or her to $1. Another $1 also goes to the Authorized Distributor.

How much did the Authorized Distributor earn?
In the above example, the Authorized Distributor earned $3. ($2 from a direct referral and $1 from a passive referral)

What if the Authorized Distributor's referral refers more than one person to Stand Innovations?
For every referral that the Authorized Distributor's referral (the new subscriber) refers to Stand Innovations, the Authorized Distributor will receive $1. In the example above, if the new subscriber referred 10 new subscribers to Stand Innovations, the Authorized Distributor would earn $12 ($2 from the direct referral and $10 from the passive referrals)

The word referral is mentioned too many times and it gets confusing. Can you simplify your explanation?
Company X is an Authorized Distributor and refers David, one of its customers, to Stand Innovations. Company X does not get anything for the referral unless David becomes a paid Stand Innovations subscriber. Once David becomes a paid subscriber, Company X is entitled to $2. David, as a Stand Innovations Subscriber, may refer his friends and family to Stand Innovations according to the Referral Program. For every person that David refers to Stand Innovations that becomes a paid Subscriber, David will receive $1 and Company X will receive $1. So, for introducing (referring) David to Stand Innovations, Company X earns $3. ($2 for introducing David to Stand Innovations and $1 (passively) by David introducing his friend to Stand Innovations). If David introduces (refers) 5 friends and family to Stand Innovations, and they become paid Subscribers, Company X will earn $1 for each, or a total of $5. Including the $2 that Company X received for introducing David to Stand Innovations, total profit is $7.

Who can become an Authorized Distributor?
Every commercial outfit that is actively soliciting customers for its own enterprise can become an Authorized Distributor.

I am an individual who does not have a commercial business. Can I become an Authorized Distributor?
Yes. An individual who does not have a commercial business can become an Authorized Distributor but with a slight modification. It is difficult for Stand Innovations to distinguish whether you refer friends and family according to the Referral Program or solicit according to the Authorized Distributor Program. The process is the same. The difference is in the benefits. Therefore, as an individual, once you refer twelve people to Stand Innovations and they become subscribers, you are eligible for all the Authorized Distributor benefits.

Will the benefits be retroactive?
Yes. Once you reach the target of 12 referrals who become paid Subscribers, you receive the benefits of an Authorized Distributor for the 12 referrals. Prior to that, your benefits are determined according to the Referral Program.

Again, what are the Authorized Distributor's benefits?
When you actively solicit referrals for Stand Innovations, the referral fee is $2 instead of $1. Also, there are no Dollar Credit Points. The entire referral fee that is earned is paid to the Authorized Distributor.

Do you provide any marketing materials that we can share with our customers?
Yes. In the Promotional Materials you will find printable information about Stand Innovations in business card and in handout sizes. Additionally, there are email templates so that it will be easier for you to communicate our subscription program to your customers.

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