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Subscribing to Stand Innovations provides you with many benefits:

  1. Low cost
    The annual subscription is twelve dollars ($12). This provides access to tutorial clips for twelve stands.
  2. Free subscription programs
    There are programs in place which allow you to effectively benefit from a free subscription or get discounts.
  3. "Leave home without it"
    Unlike the slogan, Stand Innovations makes it possible and encourages users to have several stands in their homes, offices, cars and other places so that they do not need to carry stands from place to place
  4. Quantity
    Make as many stands as you want or need.
  5. Size
    Customize stands to fit your personal device.
  6. Decoration
    Stands can be transparent, decorated with various designs, illusion 3D paper, any possible color or background, personal pictures and more.
  7. Replaceable designs
    Stands made from transparent paper can have the decorative inserts be easily replaced to fit a variety of occasions and holidays.
  8. Application
    The large assortment of stands yields many uses and applications.
  9. Personalize
    The diversity of the design, size, quantity and uses of the models allows for a personalized outcome.
  10. Hygiene
    Our mobile devices in general and the cell phones in particular, carry a lot of bacteria. We take our cell phones to the bathroom, place them on dirty surfaces, hand them over to friends, use them with dirty hands and … take them also to bed.  Enclosed transparent stands may mitigate that problem.
  11. Easy to follow video tutorial clips for everyone
    The video tutorial clips are made for people who are new to origami, for those of you who have some folding experience and for some of you who are very comfortable with origami techniques.
  12. Everyone can make a stand
    There are a large number of stands that are very easy to make by everyone. With the comprehensive tutorial clips, everyone can make a stand.
  13. Greater pleasure form self-made items
    People tend to generate more pleasure and satisfaction (hence, value) from things they do or create by themselves.
  14. Leisure time activity
    The time spent folding a product, in order to utilize it later, will hopefully, be considered as fun, not work. The more proficient you become, the greater the leisure component.
  15. A productive activity for children
    In the eyes of many, children spend excessive time in front of the computer. Folding new products for themselves and for their family utilizing origami techniques may be an activity children will like.  This activity may take children away from the computer and will provide them with new skills.
  16. Parents-children quality time activity
    You may find that learning and folding together with your children is a quality time activity.
  17. Tutorial principal & self-sustained customers
    Teaching or providing knowledge empowers you and your family to more independence and becoming more self sustained. Conventional commerce provides us with the 'fish'. Stand Innovations teaches you 'how to fish'.
  18. Bare hands
    There are very few crafts or products made without additional tools, or effectively, with two bare hands.
  19. Doable by any one
    Anyone with two hands can do it. Young or small, fit or disabled
  20. Light product
    Very few products are so light but not fragile. The stands in particular and origami models in general are very light. This allows for utilizing them in a vertical space like a wall, mirror, glass etc.
  21. Readily available raw material
    The stands can be made from the most basic product we have in our homes - paper. Paper with additional properties like tear-proof, waterproof, transparent and various colors and designs can be acquired on this website
  22. Paper insert support
    Many paper stands, via their design, can support and sustain reasonable weight and normal wear and tear. Some stands though, may utilize thin and strong insert support. Such paper can be acquired on this website.
  23. Work from home
    Some customers will prefer, to have a stand created for them. A network of folders provides a perfect work from home opportunity.
  24. Origami benefits
    The use of origami provides many additional benefits.
  25. No advertising. Supporting social messages - Yes
    There will be no commercial advertising on However, we support the communities in which we live and we will place messages that advance that - for free. These messages will not be flashing nor will there be any popups.

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