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As the name Stand Innovations implies, there are a few innovations that are built into our business model. Some are rather new and may be trendsetters. Additionally, there are a few advantages that the Stand Innovations' concept offers.

  1. Unique
    Unique, one of a kind craft, a trendsetter
  2. Exclusive
    The stands are copyrighted, implying exclusivity
  3. Low cost
    The do-it-yourself business model allows for very low prices
  4. Quantity
    Create and fold as many of the same stand that you purchased for one low price
  5. Encouraging fair play
    The low price and the many added benefits for legitimate users may reduce the incentive for misuse or abuse
  6. Do it yourself (DIY)
    This concept has been successfully used in the mainstream economy
  7. Superior video tutorial features
    Stand Innovations provides knowledge of "how to" utilize origami methods and techniques to create mobile stands. Folding stands is taught via video tutorial clips. Great effort was put into developing this unique program.
  8. Everyone can make a stand
    Among the line of stands that were designed by Stand Innovations, there are a large number of stands that are very easy to make by everyone. With the comprehensive tutorial clips, everyone can make a stand.
  9. Greater pleasure from self-made items
    We tend to generate more pleasure and satisfaction from items we create by ourselves. Couple that with the already low price per item to understand why Stand Innovations provides high value for a low price.
  10. Expansion via profit-sharing
    Foldable, self-made mobile stands that provide solutions for many usages and applications may be considered a novelty and something to share with friends and family. This low cost, creative craft may encourage many to share the Stand Innovations story. Stand Innovations elects to reward its Subscribers for 'spilling the beans' in lieu of conventional advertising. Every Subscriber will directly benefit from each person he or she refers to our website.
  11. Leisure time activity
    The time spent folding a stand, in order to utilize it later, will probably (and hopefully) be considered by many as fun, not work. The more proficient you become, the greater the leisure component.
  12. Arts & Crafts
    Art and high-tech are synonymous to oil and water. One is digital and the other is analog or manual. Creating a stand for a mobile electronics unit defies that anomaly. Creating a foldable stand is a form of sculptural art. This artistic creation is made in order to support a high-tech product.
  13. Create your own product
    In the modern world we are accustomed that most products we use are made for us by mass production, many times in overseas, or …made in China. Stand Innovations empowers you to create by yourself, some products you use. As you learn the skills of folding you will soon realize the potential of origami techniques in creating designs for usage and for decoration.
  14. Personalize
    The diversity of the design, size, quantity and usage of the stands allows for a personalized outcome.
  15. Educational
    Origami, or folding to create a model requires following certain rules and guidelines that can be adopted positively in pursuing many things in our lives.
  16. Tutorial principal & self-sustained Subscribers
    Teaching or providing knowledge empowers individuals for independence and becoming self-sustained. Conventional commerce provides us with the 'fish'. At Stand Innovations, we teach our Subscribers 'how to fish'.
  17. Bare hands
    There are very few crafts or products that are made with no additional tools, or effectively, in two bare hands.
  18. Doable by any one
    Anyone with two hands can do it. Young or small, fit or disabled.
  19. Work from home as a folder
    Some site visitors will prefer, for whatever reason, to have a stand folded for them. This will provide a great 'work from home' opportunity for many.
  20. Authorized distributors
    Retailers will be invited to participate in the marketing and the promotion of the stands via the Authorized Distributors Program. By virtue of promoting the stand line in their establishments, they will be able to participate in a profit-sharing plan.
  21. Light product
    Very few products are so light but not fragile. The stands in particular and origami items in general, are very light. This allows for utilizing them in a vertical space like on a wall, glass or mirror.
  22. High-tech accessory
    Everyone in the world is essentially using one form or another of mobile electronics. This makes so very many potential customers. Conventional stands are expensive (though good and robust) but are task specific. Stand Innovations' stands are inexpensive and allow for multiple tasks.
  23. High tech & old tradition mix
    Paper folding is hundreds of years old. Creating via this method a variety of stand designs for high tech devices is a way of bridging new knowledge with old.
  24. Diversity of usages & applications
    The stand's selection is very diverse and the various designs can be applied for almost any possible usage or need.
  25. Readily available raw material
    The stands can be made from the most basic product we have in our homes - paper. Paper with additional properties like tear-proof, waterproof, transparent and with various colors and designs can be acquired on this website.
  26. Paper insert support
    Many paper stands, via their design, can support and sustain reasonable weight and normal wear and tear. Some stands fare better with additional insert support. This strong paper can be acquired on this website.
  27. Customized size
    Each stand can be customized to fit many sizes of mobile devices. Subscribers will be advised of the shape and size of the paper or the paper-like material, in order to create/fold stands that fit their units.
  28. Knowledge
    Most products are sold complete. We teach you how to make it so that you will make as many as you want. We provide knowledge.
  29. Variety of raw materials
    Stands can be made from a regular printing paper, a transparent Mylar, a heavy-duty tear-proof waterproof paper and more.
  30. Customized & replaceable designs
    The designs of transparent stands can be easily replaced to fit different occasions, holidays and events.
  31. Useful product from paper
    Most paper-made items are designed for stationary or decorative purposes. Ours, are products designed for an actual utilitarian purpose. They are aimed to be a viable substitute for the stands that are mass produced.

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