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Why does Stand Innovations have a Referral Program?

Stand Innovations plans to grow and expand via grassroots marketing that is based on personal recommendations or word of mouth. Since our stands and other models are unique, useful, diverse, user friendly and cost effective, we hope that our Subscribers will "spill the beans" to friends and family.


Stand Innovations will share a percent of the proceeds generated from your referrals in a direct refund up to the cost of your subscription and with Dollar Credit Points thereafter.


This is how the referral program works:

Register for the Stand Innovations website by selecting a username and password.

Note: Your username is also used as your ReferralName, and this ReferralName can be given to anyone you refer to Stand Innovations.


How do referrals use the ReferralName?

When your referrals visit the Stand Innovations website initially, they may register as well.  On the short registration form, there is a place to enter the referrer’s ReferralName.  If your name is provided, two things happen:

1.   You receive a percent of their subscription as described below.

2.   Your referrals have access to a free tutorial clip, or clips, that can be seen on the

 homepage viewing screen.


Does everyone receive free tutorial clips of a model?

Only visitors who register, and visitors who provide a ReferralName upon registration, have access to free tutorial clips.


How is the referral fee structured?

Ten percent of the subscription amount purchased by your direct referrals is automatically credited to your account in Dollar Credit Points, which you may use to subscribe to additional tutorial clips.


Can additional fees be generated from referrals?

Fifteen percent of the subscription amount purchased by subscribers that your referrals refer to Stand Innovations is automatically credited to your account in Dollar Credit Points which you may use to subscribe to additional tutorial clips



Can you provide an example of how the referral system works?

You refer three of your friends and family to Stand Innovations and they become Subscribers.  One subscribes for a single model and pays $3.  Another subscribes for three models and pays $6.  The last subscribes for twelve models and pays $12.  You get ten percent of the total amount, or $2.10.  For each additional subscription purchase made, you receive 10 percent in Dollar Credit Points that will be automatically calculated and added to your account.  Now, one of the subscribers, who you referred to us, refers two friends to Stand Innovations, and they purchase a subscription totaling $18 (one for $12, the other for $6).  You receive a 15 percent referral fee, or $2.70 in Dollar Credit Points that will be automatically calculated and added to your account.  For every subscription purchase the latter referral makes in the future, you receive 15 percent in Dollar Credit Points.


How much did I earn from the referrals in the example above?

In the above example, your subscription Dollar Credit Points was increased to $4.80 ($2.10+$2.70).


Can you provide another referral fee example?

You refer one of your friends or family to Stand Innovations and she subscribes for twelve models for a total of $12.  You receive 10 percent, or $1.20 in Dollar Credit Points.  Now, she refers ten of her friends and family to Stand Innovations and they cumulatively subscribe in the amount of $80.  You receive fifteen percent of that amount or $12 of Dollar Credit Points that is automatically calculated and added to your account.


Can you sum up the above example?

You receive $1.20 from your direct referral, and $12 from the referrals that your referral referred to us, or a total of $13.20.


Am I entitled to a cash back reward as a result of my referral activity?

You may request a cash back reward for the referral fees up to the amount that you paid for your subscription, as long as there are unused Dollar Credit Points in your acount.


What if credit earned via referrals exceeds the subscription cost?

Dollar Credit Points that you earn beyond your subscription cost can be used toward tutorial subscriptions for any model on the website, or can be transferred to anyone as per the Subscription Program.


Is this what is known as multi-level marketing?

This is two-level marketing only, and it is also known as Referral Marketing.


Is it simpler to have one-level marketing and pay more?

Not everyone is comfortable soliciting, but everyone may know someone who is. The referral marketing program allows more people to take advantage of the program and receive more savings.


Do you provide any marketing materials that we can share with friends and family?

We will provide a link called Promotional Materials which will contain printable and electronically transmittable information about Stand Innovations.


Must I become a Subscriber in order to refer friends and family and receive Dollar Credit Points?

You can register for free, refer friends and family to Stand Innovations with your ReferralName, and receive Dollar Credit Points. Please review Prefer to Refer for more details.


Is there anything else I need to know?

When referring, please recognize that indirectly you represent Stand Innovations.  Therefore, we urge you to apply PIR 101 guidelines.


What is PIR 101?

PIR is an acronym for Patience, Imposition and Respect. It means that you (DO) need to be patient with people whom you try to refer. Do not impose yourself excessively and (DO) be respectful. Be patient is a DO message. Imposition is a DO NOT DO message and Respect is a DO message. Converting DO to 1 and NOT DO to zero, we get 101. Therefore the 101 rule for proper conduct is PIR - Be Patient, Do not Impose, Be Respectful.

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