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First time visitors?

Visitors can view all areas of the Stand Innovations website except tutorial and auxiliary clips. As a visitor, you may watch many clips on the homepage, as well as Showcase (blue icons) and Decorative clips (red icons) located in the “Available Stands” and “Other Models” sections.  You may read or listen to narrated text throughout the website and view the Tip of the Day.  You may also purchase any item in the “Add-Ons” section. 


A registered member may view the free tutorial clips provided on the homepage.  The tutorial clips (green icons) and auxiliary clips (yellow icons) located in the “Available Stands” and “Other Model” sections are unavailable, or grayed out. These clips are available to paid, registered Subscribers.


Register and login for the first time

Registration to the Stand Innovations website is free. Simply fill out a few required fields and select a Username and Password.


If you were referred to Stand Innovations by someone, remember to input the ReferralName.  This serves as a link between you and the person who referred you to Stand Innovations, so that proper referral credit (details below) will be provided.  Also, inputting the ReferralName upon registering will provide you access to additional free tutorial clips in the homepage viewing panel.


Do I need a ReferralName?

If you do not have a ReferralName, you may still register. Simply check the box at the bottom of the registration form indicating, “I was not referred to Stand Innovations.”



You may subscribe to tutorials for any of the models that are available on the website by adding funds to your account.  This can be accomplished in three ways:

1)   Once registered and logged on, a dark bar is anchored to the bottom of website.  Locate the item on that bar called “My Subscription.”  Via “My Subscription,” you may subscribe and add funds to your account.

2)   From the top navigational menu, access “Available Stands” and “Other Models” to view video clips of stands and other models.  Above the viewing screen, there are several buttons: “Buy Folded”, “Subscribe”, “Buy Die Cuts” and “Buy Papers”.  Select “Buy Folded” to purchase the pre folded and ready to use item.  Select “Subscribe” to be directed to a screen to either subscribe or add funds to your account.  The other two buttons will direct you to the Add-Ons section where material to make the model, may be purchased.

3)   Once registered and logged on, a dark blue “more info” appears above the top right of the main navigational menu (above Join Us). Select “more info” to be directed to a Subscription Setting page to either subscribe or add funds to your account.


How much is a subscription?

Choose from five subscription levels:

1)     1 model     $3 ($3.00 per item)     (1 Dollar Credit Points)

2)     2 models    $5 ($2.50 per item)     (2 Dollar Credit Points)

3)     3 models    $6 ($2.00 per item)     (3 Dollar Credit Points)

4)     6 models    $9 ($1.50 per item)     (6 Dollar Credit Points)

5)   12 models    $12 ($1.00 per item)   (12 Dollar Credit Points)


The funds that are added to your account are converted to Dollar Credit Points.  Each credit point entitles you to subscribe to any model that is available for subscription.  For example, if you initially subscribe to 6 models ($9), your account is credited with 6 Dollar Credit PointsOnce you subscribe to a given model, you will gain access to all of the tutorial clips that are associated with that model and your outstanding balance of Dollar Credit Points will be reduced to 5.


How do I add to my initial subscription?

In the Subscription Setting page select “New Order.”  A line will appear that reads: “I want to buy additional __ dollar credit points”.  Select your desired number and it will be placed in your shopping cart.  Please note that the additional Dollar Credit Points are equivalent to actual dollars.


What do I get as a subscriber?

Subscribers may:

1. Select any of the models featured on the website and view all tutorial and auxiliary clips that are associated with making those models.

2. Get information regarding model sizes to know correct paper measurements

3. Refer friends and family to the website via your ReferralName and receive a percent of their subscription fee as per the Referral Program.


Where can I find the models for which I subscribed?

Access subscription models in three ways:

1.  Go to “Available Stands” or “Other Models” sections located in the middle of the main navigational menu.

2.  Go to “My Subscribed Tutorials,” located on the left side of the dark anchored bar on the bottom of the website upon initial log on.

3.  In the search box, type in the model name or its respective code.


How long is does a subscription last?

Subscriptions are for a 12 month period to allow adequate time to learn how to make/fold the models.


What happens if I subscribe to more than twelve models in a year?

For each model that you subscribe over 12, you will receive an additional month added to the length of your subscription. For example, the cost of the first year subscription is $12 which entitles you to tutorial clips to 12 models. If, during the subscription year, you elect to subscribe to an additional five models, your subscription for all 17 stands is extended by five months to 17 months.


Is there a way to add Dollar Credit Points to my account without a direct purchase?

Yes.  For each person whom you refer to Stand Innovations who registers with your ReferralName, and who subsequently subscribes, you will receive 10 percent of the subscription amount credited directly and automatically to your account.  You also receive 15 percent from each person referred and subsequently subscribed by the person whom you referred to Stand Innovations.  Please review the Referral Program for more details.


How can I use Dollar Credit Points that I accumulate from referrals?

The Dollar Credit Points that you accumulate from referrals are directly added to the Dollar Credit Points you purchase. They can be used to subscribe to any models on the website that are available for subscription.


Can Dollar Credit Points be transferred?

Yes. You can transfer Dollar Credit Points from your account to anyone as a gift, to existing subscribers and to non subscribers.  Upon request, we will transfer your outstanding Dollar Credit Points to whomever you designate.  Stand Innovations wants you to utilize your resources as effectively as possible.


Can I purchase access to multiple tutorial clips for a single model as a gift or as a party favor?

Yes. You can purchase multiple tutorial clips of one or more models. Gift Usernames will be provided so that the gift recipients will be able to logon from their homes to view the tutorials.  Please note that if the gift recipient subscribes on his own for additional models, you will receive a percent of their subscription as per the Referral Program.  Also, please check the Special Event Program for more information.

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