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If you answer  yes to any of the following scenarios, you may like our products.

  1. You are a commercial establishment that may use the stands with your logo for marketing and promotions.
  2. You know children or people with challenges whose conditions may improve with the use of origami.
  3. You are budget minded and would like to save and pay less for more.
  4. You like the idea of having many stands but cannot afford to or do not want to spend a lot.
  5. You appreciate the multiple applications and usages that the stands offer and will take advantage of  the subscription program.
  6. You like to keep your mobile devices in a hygiene environment.
  7. You like crafts.
  8. You are an origami fan.
  9. You like independence, to be self-sustained and to do things for yourself.
  10. You like to learn new things.
  11. You are a trendsetter.
  12. You like the variety of the stands offered and the ability to customize and personalize the stand size and decoration.
  13. You want to use the stands or the stand's tutorial as a gift.
  14. You would like to be on the internet without being exposed to commercial banners and advertising pop ups.
  15. You want your children to spend less time on social networks.
  16. You are concerned where your children navigate while surfing the net. This website does not show any advertisement and the entire content is kid friendly.
  17. You are not as comfortable with the computer as your children are. Learning and creating stands via origami techniques allows you to be on equal footing with your children, and at the same time, enjoy quality time with them.
  18. You reside in a country where mobile electronics are wide spread but the average income is relatively low. You will not spend a lot of money on a stand and/or acquire many retail stands. You would rather spend your hard earned money on a product you can create by yourself and that you can reproduce. Generally speaking, you are more accustomed to making things for yourself. Additionally, it is not necessary to ship any products as the product we offer is self taught and educational in nature. The raw material, paper, is available locally, and if you require more durable paper, postage is relatively inexpensive.

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