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Stand Innovations designs proprietary stands for all kinds of mobile electronics. These copyrighted stands can be used for many applications and can be customized to fit portable electronics of any size and shape. Our vision is to provide all the designs at a very low price via the Do-It-Yourself approach.

Do-It-Yourself is the Primary Way by which Subscribers will acquire stands. Each stand is folded from a flat sheet of paper or paper-like material, mostly squares (some rectangles). Extensive, detailed and easy to follow tutorial clips are provided on this website.

This method of providing tutorials and having Subscribers create the actual stands, allows Stand Innovations to provide the stands at a very reasonable and low price - $1.00 per tutorial clips for a stand. Subscribers will be able to make as many duplicates of a given stand for their personal use. This may bring down the cost per stand even further.

Stand Innovations plans to grow and expand via a grassroots approach. Since our products - the stands, are:

unique and proprietary,

useful - everyone has some kind of a mobile device,

diverse - can be used for many applications,

doable - foldable by anyone and

cost effective, 

Stand Innovations hopes that its Subscribers will 'spill the beans' to their friends and family. In return, Stand Innovations will reciprocate and share a percent of its proceeds with its Subscribers in a direct refund up to the subscription cost and with Dollar Credit Points, thereafter.

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