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Add-ons - Judaica

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The Ten Commandments (SI-J10C-01)    $10.00 USD

The Ten Commandments (SI-J10C-01) $10.00 USD
Category: Judaica

The 10 Commandments are made of two tablets . The cut out Hebrew text is illuminated by transparent blue, green and red. The blue is placed behind the first commandment, I AM GOD. The green is placed behind the two positive (DO) commandments: remember god and respect your parents. The red is placed behind the seven remaining DO NOT DO commandments, prohibiting certain types of conduct, like murder, adultery, stealing etc. Via the provided Velcro and Mylar strips (simple instructions included) the 10 Commandments are placed away from the wall, thereby illuminating the commandments on the wall. Upon request the 10 commandments will be done in English.


Star of David Box / Phone Stand (SI-JDB1-01)    $10.00 USD

Star of David Box / Phone Stand (SI-JDB1-01) $10.00 USD
Category: Judaica

The Star of David box can be used as a beautiful decoration for your home or office. Moreover, you can rest your phone on it in two different reclining positions. It is constructed from three beautiful, heavy duty, waterproof and tear-proof paper. Though assembly is very easy, instruction is provided, Can be great for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah table decoration, party favor, sweets dish,etc. Note: The Star of David box can be a great class project. Less expensive, yet thick paper can be used so that the price is more affordable.


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